Welcome to the Victoria Beach Permanent Residents Association or otherwise known
as the VBPRA.




WHEN DOES THE MARKET OPEN?  This year, the market runs from  JUNE 17 – SEPT. 2

Hours are 10 a.m.-1 p.m.

HOW DID IT GET STARTED?   The Victoria Beach Community Centre was looking for any ideas to raise their profile in the area and to raise money to finish the building and grounds.  The idea of a market was suggested and with the help of other volunteers, Margaret Haddad undertook to work out the details to use the highway frontage for a limited time each Saturday during July and August.

WHO LOOKS AFTER AND RUNS IT NOW?  For the 4th year, Margaret has continued the task of running and promoting it.  She looks after and searching for vendors to provide a variety of products, and especially locally grown vegetables and other produce.

WHERE DO THE RULES COME FROM?  The procedures and rules have been developed over time and are based on other Farmers’ Market Websites. There are Government of Manitoba Health requirements which are outlined in the Registration Form and Guidelines.

CAN ANYONE JUST COME AND SET UP AT TABLE?  No, because a list of vendors must be provided in advance to the Public Health Protection folks to get the permit. This is to ensure that products and items sold comply with health and safety regulations.  This list is also used by them if someone enquires about anything or anybody selling on site.

DO YOU NEED YOUR OWN CANOPY AND TABLE?  Not required.  It helps to keep sun, rain, bugs and wind from the area where you are.  If you need a table/chair, one can be booked for an additional $5.

DOES A VENDOR HAVE TO COME EVERY WEEK?  No.  There is a discount if a vendor plans to come every week and books with pre-payment.  The majority of vendors select dates and confirm with Margaret by the Wednesday of each week.  If someone is looking for a vendor not there on a particular Saturday, there are volunteers at the Market who can provide contact information.

WHY IS THIS NECESSARY?  It makes a better market if there is a variety of vendors.  Preplanned layout makes the customer experience more interesting, with no two alike side by side.  It also makes finding their spot assigned easier when the vendors arrive.

VENDOR LOYALTY: Each year more vendors pre-pay for the entire season.  This year we have the Veggie Wagon, Braman’s Produce, Norwex, Lake Agassiz Honey, The Leggings Den, Spirit Apothecary(Demetra)

Brooke’s Garden & Baking.  Registered so far for 2 or more visits, returning are 16 vendors, and 10 new ones so far this year trying us out.  This is in addition to our Not-For Profit free table offered one each week.

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN IT RAINS?  Depending on the weather advisory, the vendors have chosen to remain outdoors and share their canopies with any people who do not have shelter.  Alternatively, if there is space available indoors, this is offered as an option.

CAN CHILDREN PARTICIPATE?  Absolutely.  The Junior Entrepreneur Program has attracted several excellent candidates.  For a reduce fee of $5, a registered youth is welcome.  As this is meant as a training opportunity in responsibility, the youth must be self-sufficient (able to make change, promote the product being sold, be able to explain what it is and how they were involved in making it.)


HOW DOES THE COMMUNITY & COMMUNITY CENTRE BENEFIT?  The benefits to the VBCC have far exceeded expectations.

  • Financially, the proceeds from the Market rentals are donated to the Club.
  • Socially, people greet friends and neighbors from their past and present while shopping.
  • Many local community members had not been in the facility before coming to the Market.

Once it was known that fund-raising was ongoing because the Club is not owned or operated by    the Municipality, donations were received.

  • People learned more about the programs and volunteer opportunities.

AND BEST OF ALL, the Victoria Beach Community Centre has started serving Breakfasts on both Fridays and Saturdays 9 a.m. – Noon to cater to everyone who comes along. To volunteer to help with Morning Breakfasts, contact Faye Morrison at (204)756-6463.

FOR MORE INFORMATION on all the activities including the Market, check the website at:

www.vbcommunitycentre.com.  Contact mmurrayhaddad@gmail.com  (204)756-2181 to register as a Vendor.

VBPRA was established on Wednesday, November 2, 2016 when an inaugural meeting was organized by a number of permanent residences in Victoria Beach Head by Margaret Haddad and including Deirdre Degagne, Graham Randle, Doug Peterson and Bryan Bowden.

The purpose of the VBPRA is to:

  • Establish an Association of permanent residents of the RM
  • Nominate and elect a Board of Directors
  • Determine Association guidelines, role & responsibilities
  • Define the parameters of behavior and objectives.

From the attendance, 89 registered residents confirmed their interest in forming such an association.

An Interim Board of Directors was formed and accepted, including  Graham Randle, Michelle Carlson, Mike Bartmnavich, Tom Farrell, Dennis Muldrew , Steve Boyd and Sandy Gessler.

Similarly, a call was made for volunteers to review and finalize a Constitution
to be ready for presentation before the first AGM on May 3, 2017.  This Constitution Review Committee included Don Green, Dennis Muldrew, Bruce Morrison and Al Rear.

We love to hear from our community.  Please ask questions, provide suggestions.  Please forward any messages to info@vbpra.ca  (Communication) we will do our best to respond to any concerns you as a VBPRA member may have.